06 June, 2016


Often I am afraid with my energy,
it flares,
sometimes pushing other without me noticing

While you,
you stay like a cool breeze
your steadiness is abiding

I am the one who hold the book open
while you,
you remain a mystery
that force us learning to be unassuming with each other
invite me to submit and look deeper,
to listen
to feel
to observe, closer

you, is you
like me
we are unequivocal human being
with history, feelings, and aspirations

we live with our own wounds from the past
walking toward future upon those scars
it will not be easy
but aren't we learn the most from difficulties?

I hope we both have the courage
to think to discuss to learn
these will not come fast, nor I expect you to be
i am sure that
your simplicity will overcome my shelves of worry

despite my limitations,
do i have something to offer?

1 comment:

Nadya Saib said...

eyke mau ketemu dan bincang-bincang dooong sama yeeey!

P.S. ini gue disuruh milih gambar mobil aselik buat buktiin bukan robot (biar bisa post komen). Cenggi bet blog lo Tiek..

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