20 August, 2016

Wisdom of nature

Life is not meant to be seen only from one side,
it is resembled in our earth form, that is round and floating

Life is meant to be on the move, no matter how slow it is
To see that it has its continuum of time
That the state of life is temporary
As the earth rotates dilligently
The darkness is certain, so as the light
Difficulties will soon fade, just like happiness

Life is meant to be a journey
As our earth travels in tranquility
It does not move in random, it surely has its own path
Its orbit..
To travel cautiously, not to collide with other planets and space objects

The earth knows exactly its mission
to bring various seasons for human
by dilligently rotates and orbitting
to send warning about darkness that comes in our way
to give hope at dawn
to remind people aboutl illussions in our eyes

The philosophy of nature is only can be seen
when we pause
escape to make space in our life
and reflect in iteration

The image become words
the events become sentences
the journey become a book of adventure

Enjoy the flowery episodes of our life
as well as
Embracing the bitter part of life
Until we feel that those are indifference
That our love is become the love of the earth to its creator
Submit to anything comes in our way
and put absolute trust to The Merciful

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